You may have you noticed we have a slight obsession with plates over here.  We love designing meaningful tablescapes for weddings and events and would love to help you with yours! 


Why should I hire Haviland to help design my table? 

If you want a truly unique tablescape  that is inviting, intriguing and practical and you care about little details then you would love working with us. We will work with you to come up with a one-of-a-kind tablescape; we not only think about plates and cups but also place cards, linens, chargers, menus, and how the flowers will work to bring it all together.  If we can't find the perfect runner, we'll make one; if we can't find the place card holder in the perfect shade of blue, we'll paint them.  We go above and beyond to make your tablescape inviting and a reflection of you and your event. 

What makes you better than others?

Not only do we know what colors and textures need to be put together to make a practical and gorgeous tablescape but we also know the etiquette of setting a proper table and will work with your caterer and florist to be sure everything flows and works together so your guests are completely awed. 

I don't think I can afford it- how much does it cost? 

Pricing varies based on how custom you'd like to make your tables and the number of guests you have.  To give you a general idea- all packages have a flat styling fee of $1,000 + the cost of each place setting.  You  should estimate custom table settings to begin around $80 per guest.  Is that out of your budget?  You can always focus on your head table!

My caterer said they can design my table- isn't that the same as what you'll do? 

Your caterer will probably do a fabulous job but one of the luxuries of working with Haviland is the ability to rent items from wherever we find the perfect plate, cup, flatware, etc.  Most caterers have a preferred rental company and your selection will be limited to what they offer.  Not to mention it isn't their job to make sure the flowers will work with the chargers and the chargers will work with the cute place cards you picked out.