"Kelley was a lifesaver. I had no idea what to expect with the whole wedding planning process so I was extremely grateful to have Kelley expertly guide us through it step by step. She completely allowed us to make our own decisions, but helped us consider things we wouldn’t have thought about on our own. It was clear to us that she had been helpful in the months leading up to the wedding, but I was completely blown away with how valuable she was on the actual wedding day. My husband and I are both extremely punctual and tend to get anxious when sticking to a schedule, but Kelley and her team made us feel completely at ease. We were able to trust that Haviland had everything under control, which allowed us to fully enjoy every moment of the wedding day without worrying about what was coming up next."

- Laura, Bride, 2017

"There are no adequate thank you words for you. After the wedding all we could say was we could not have done that without Kelley and Emma... they were amazing... did you see them doing this?! and my favorite line from Will "Kelley is this super sweet southern girl who can totally be a bulldog when she needs to." I love it! 

My wedding day felt absolutely perfect. I can not think of one moment I would have changed. And my family adores you. My parents were so impressed that you had the car loaded and pulled around for them! But this really shouldn't surprise us as you have literally gone above and beyond in every single aspect. You really are apart of the Banakis fam now. 

....Yes the tablescaping was incredible and your attention to detail was amazing... but even more than that I saw you using the best gifts God gave you all day long to serve others- thoughtfulness, compassion, organization, love. It all poured out! You have found a way to bless other people with the best things God created in you and that is pretty amazing. Never doubt that within your business there is something so much bigger at work."

- Margo, Bride, 2017

"I cannot say enough about Kelley and Haviland Events. From the first conversation I had with Kelley I knew she was going to be a great fit and addition to my wedding day.  She exceeded my expectations and made me have a 100% STRESS FREE wedding day. there were of course a few issues with the venue and I did not know about them until weeks after the wedding. She took care of everything and didn't break a sweat (at least not in front of me). I think having a coordinator is vital in allowing you and your family to host your wedding rather than work your wedding. Kelley and her team were worth every penny and I truly believe if you want to have the most stress free magical day, Kelley will make that happen!"

- Samantha, Bride, 2017

"Kelley was fantastic. She was super organized, had answers to all of my questions, took time to know our style and the type of wedding that we wanted, and had great ideas (like incorporating a Congolese aisle runner to pay homage to my new husband's heritage). I would have been a nervous wreck on my wedding day if it weren't for Haviland. Instead, I could enjoy my friends, family, and especially my groom because I wasn't worried about little details or staying on schedule." 

- Kate, Bride, 2017

".....Kelley turned out to be a God-send. I met her for coffee and she immediately inspired trust, radiating warmth and authenticity in her smile and easy manner. From that moment on, my cloud of stress lifted. Kelley became THE point person, discussing and advising about all kinds of details along the way. She was knowledgeable and connected, responsive, detail-oriented and willing to go the extra mile, even doing tasks that she technically didn’t need to do.

The day of the wedding she was amazing. I didn’t need to do anything but show up, relaxed and ready to be the welcoming and gracious mother of the groom. I walked into the restaurant and drew a breath of awe. Everything was perfect: no detail was too small for Kelley’s practiced eye. She even managed to fold the restaurant’s napkins cleverly to disguise a stripe that didn’t really match our décor. Then she artfully topped them with calligraphied placecard bookmarks (which she had personally embellished with silk ribbon she had procured.) The event flowed seamlessly whiled Kelley buzzed around quietly making it all come together. What a delight! I had so much fun. Kelley’s work ethic, creativity, generosity, honesty, kindness and people-smarts serve her well in her business. She is destined for success and anyone wondering whether or not they need someone like her would be wise to sign her up to help ASAP."

- Carol, Mother of the Groom, 2016

" To say Kelley “made” our wedding would be an understatement. She was so welcoming and knowledgeable and easy to work with throughout the entire planning process. After only a couple conversations, she knew our vision so well that she was able to anticipate what we wanted for our special night. Kelley knew which details of the wedding were important to us, and made the (perfect) choices on those smaller decisions that are crucial to the planning process but not necessarily topping our list of importance. She was always available for questions, and shared her expert advice in a friendly and open manner. On top of that, you can really feel how much Kelley cares about making not only your wedding day so special, but making sure the whole planning process is fun!

In the last few weeks leading up to the wedding, I can’t tell you how many people commented to me how not stressed I seemed… and I owe it all to this girl and her magic!

The wedding itself went off so seamlessly, and she made it look easy (though I KNOW that’s far from the truth). Everything was perfect and it was by far the best day of our lives (so far!). Kelley stopped by in the morning to keep everybody on schedule, and she was available for the whole evening as well. I can’t even tell you how beautiful the venue looked! One memory that really stands out is she came up to us on the dance floor to give us a 5-10 minute warning for the cake cutting ceremony, so that we could finish our dance, compose ourselves, and go to cut the cake. Little details like that only begin to describe her thoughtfulness and I couldn’t recommend her any more highly to anyone that wants a perfect wedding that you’ll be remembering fondly for years to come!"

- Margaret, Bride, 2016

"Our wedding was everything we had hoped it to be and so much more. I can not imagine the day without Kelley, she took away so many of my worries and concerns and allowed us to truly sit back and enjoy our day. Being a same sex couple, there are quite a few non- traditional considerations Kelley had to tend to: two (very opinionated) brides, two moms of the bride (!!), men and women in the bridal party, non-traditional service, coordinating outfits of the two brides, the list goes on and on. We chose to have our wedding be at an outdoor venue and I never feared rain or weather because I had complete trust in Kelley's plan B and C. She was going to make it happen! She was flexible with our changes and stood firm in areas she knew there was limited wiggle room. Kelley's levels of confidence, friendship, and professionalism throughout the planning of our wedding and the day-of made her an invaluable asset to our day. Not only did she "handle" all of our crazy family members and friends and kept the entire day running smoothly, but they all loved her! Thank you for our perfect day. "  

- Allie, Bride, 2015