Easter Tablesetting How-To 

My grandmother collected Rose Medallion/Famille Rose plates and when she passed away her set was split between the brothers and sisters. A couple years ago my mom, sister and I started collecting them so we could have a complete set again.  They are so ornate and colorful but they literally go with anything and everything.  We dressed them up for our Christmas table last year with candy canes and pink poinsettias and dress them down for birthday celebrations with confetti and horns. Below is a how-to on styling them for Easter! 

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Step One: Linens

I decided to use a plain white linen under the green gingham throw to brighten it up.  If I had kept the table bare it would have made everything look darker.  Lay it on the table a couple nights before you’re using it and the wrinkles will work themselves out.  Layer the green gingham throw over it diagonally.  A gingham runner would also work well but I liked how much table the throw covered and that it reached under the plates. Then get the napkins ready- I just did a classic fold to tuck under the plate. Tip: When you wash your napkins fold them lengthwise once to store them. That way you don’t have to iron out fold lines once you decide how you’re folding your napkin.


Step Two: Plates

Decide which plates you’ll use as your base and for the main meal- this is where I used Rose Medallion.  Next add a salad plate on top (I used the cabbage plates) and tuck the napkin just under the left side of the dinner plate.  Note- since you’re setting the table with a salad plate you need to serve a salad. Don’t set a table with pieces that don’t work with the story of the meal you’re serving. 



Step Three: Silverware and Glassware

If you’re doing the salad, set a salad fork (smaller fork), then dinner fork on the left side on top of the napkin. Then a knife (sharp side towards the plate) then spoon go on the right of the plate.  The bottoms of the silverware should technically be level with the bottom of the plate but I prefer them a bit higher so do whatever you think looks best.  If you’re serving dessert and want to add a dessert fork or spoon, those can go at the top of the plate.  The fork will be positioned with the bottom pointing towards the left and the spoon with the bottom pointing right. 

Next add glassware and same rules apply: if you’re only serving water then you only need water glasses.  If you’re serving water and wine/punch you can add two glasses. I used Jefferson Cups for a peach punch and crystal water goblets.

Step Four: Flowers and Decor

I love Trader Joe’s for flowers! Their prices and selection are amazing. For this setting, since I knew I wanted it to be super colorful, I just chose a mixture of the most colorful flowers they had and ended up with ranunculus, hyacinth and freesia.  I am no pro flower arranger so I just arrange them in my hand to look full and make sure the colors were spread out then cut them and plopped them in a vase.  If you don’t feel comfortable arranging them at all you can always get different colors of the same flower and put them in vases without mixing them up. 

Lastly, I scattered moss eggs and decorative bunnies I already had in the spots that looked empty to me.    

Delicious food by  Gift of Hospitality

Delicious food by Gift of Hospitality

Where to shop:

Rose Medallion Plates (mine are antique but Williams Sonoma came out with a line of Rose Medallion look-alikes this year

Cabbage Plates

Green Gingham Throw

Pink Napkins

Moss Eggs (mine are from Target last year but I found ones similar on Amazon)

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