Giving Yourself Grace While Planning Your Wedding: A Note to the Stressed out Bride

When I talk to engaged friends and clients, there’s often a common theme: never-ending lists, never feeling caught up and worst of all, feeling like you’re letting people down.  The weight of comparison is felt because everyone is still talking about “Suzie’s” wedding and you're not sure how in the world she did it.  You are juggling work, family, social lives, health (don’t get me started on “sweating for the wedding”) and wedding planning all while having to be blissfully and happily engaged without a stress to be found in your happy, perfect life.  

Does that sound familiar?  Take a deep breath. Give yourself grace.  

My Friends, that perfection is not possible alone.  Give yourself grace and remember that this is not about who has the best party.  This is about your marriage and preparing your heart, mind and soul to be married to this person you love more than anyone else in the world.  And you know what people will really be talking about? in love you two are. 

Give yourself grace and know that the people surrounding you want to help you.

Let your mother and even your mother-in-law help. They are likely dying to be useful and part of the big day; let them be.  Give them jobs and let them be a part of this time.  Invitations need stuffing?  Have a party and invite the girls over to help.  You can pay them in wine ;)

The vendors you’ve so carefully chosen do this for a living; let them guide you and trust their judgment. If you haven’t chosen vendors yet, make sure to meet them in person or at least chat on the phone before booking so you feel comfortable with them and are able to trust them to guide you correctly and be on your team during the planning process.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed today, give yourself grace and remember you and your fiancé are so much more than this party you're planning.  You are so much more than the food and colors and song choices. What matters are the eternal things: your marriage, family, and friends. 

You are doing great.

PS: Suzie had a wedding planner who worked behind the scenes to make her wedding so memorable.  Nobody does it alone.  ;)