Top 5 Reasons I Love My Job

Most everyone that I tell I’m a wedding planner responds “ohhh that would be so fun!”  but let’s be honest, it’s not all flowers, ribbons and happy cries.  It’s 18 hours on your feet, getting yelled at by drunk uncles, making brides and mothers compromise, and a lot of stress wondering if the client is going to like the design, if the timeline is what they had in mind,  if I’m marketing myself correctly…and the list goes on!  But at the end of the day, this is what I’ve wanted to do since I was six years old.  I’ve worked my whole life for those 18 hour days to see the event space go from “omgosh there’s no way this will be done in time” to “omogsh y’all, we did it and just look. how. amazing. it. turned. out.”  Those are the moments that make this job the best job in the world. 

Read on for my top 5 reasons I am absolutely in love with what I do: 

Photo my  Metts Photo

Photo my Metts Photo

  1. I get to learn about family traditions.  Everyone has something only their family does/wears/says on their wedding day and it is so special learning the traditions that have been passed on for years.  Everything from a traditional Greek dance, like one 2017 Haviland bride will have, or wearing a necklace every woman in the family has worn on her wedding day for over 100 years. There is really nothing that compares to those special traditions and ways families celebrate their heritage and honor loved ones.   
  2. I get to be part of one of the most important days in a person’s life.  Not only just a part, but an intimate part.  I walk beside my couples during the planning process and become a trusted confidant so that on the day of the wedding, when it’s time for me to signal the bride’s entrance, it’s like I’m sending a dear friend down the aisle. And yes, I cry every single time. 
  3. I get to make people feel calm and welcome, starting with the bride and the mother of the bride, the guests, and the wedding party, respectively. I think sometimes people forget this component because they get caught up in all the other details that go into planning a wedding, but I can’t stress enough how important it is that guests feel welcome and included.  They want to know you are so happy they are there celebrating you.   Even more so, it’s important that your own wedding party feels like the responsibility of your day is not resting on their shoulders and that they can sit back and celebrate with you.  I love being able to make all of those nuances happen throughout the day. 
  4. This is an obvious one, but one of the biggest reasons I love my job is that I get to set my own schedule.  I’m able to wake up, do my devotion, and drink my coffee instead of rushing off to work the moment my alarm goes off.  Of course this also means I never really ever have a complete vacation, but my mom is quite excited I get to spend two weeks in VA for Christmas :)
  5. Finally, the community of vendors I work with is absolutely amazing.  I don’t think many industries exist where people are as supportive, helpful and collaborative as the vendors I’ve gotten to know through Haviland. This is also one of the biggest reasons I think everyone should hire a professional planner before going through the process of choosing vendors; we know who works well, who is kind, who will follow through on their promises and ultimately, who will execute your day the way you envision.